April 22, 2019
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Where Can You Help Me? NPHub’s Current Locations

Every day, our team is working hard to expand our network of preceptors to help as many students as possible find amazing rotations! Below is a list of the states where we currently work with students.

In “Active” states we have preceptor options for Pediatrics, Women’s Health, and Primary Care (cities may vary). In “Partially Active” states we offer a couple of those same rotation specialty options. We also have a handful of Psychiatric experiences available. Don’t forget to ask about those on your onboarding call!

If you can’t travel to or don’t live in one of these states, don’t worry! Just send an email to coordinator@nphub.com and we’ll be more than happy to double check our options for you.

Active                                                  Partially Active

California                                                        Arizona

DC                                                                   Colorado

Florida                                                             Connecticut

Georgia                                                           Louisiana

Illinois                                                             Michigan

Maryland                                                        Missouri

New Jersey                                                    North Carolina

New York                                                        Ohio

Texas                                                              Oklahoma

Virginia                                                           Oregon


                                                                       South Carolina



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