How much is an NPHub rotation?

Rotation prices vary based on the clinical site, preceptor, hours needed, and your start date. We've designed our pricing to be straightforward and transparent so you can easily manage your budget without any hidden or surprise fees later.

Rotation fees

Cost per clinical hour

  • Rotations start at $12.75 per clinical hour, depending on the specialty and the location of the preceptor.

Minimum rotation cost

  • The minimum cost of a rotation is $1000 plus service fees.

Initial deposit

  • To initiate your rotation request and reserve your preceptor, we charge 15% of your total balance.

Service fee

  • We charge 5% on all transactions to cover administrative expenses, technology costs, and credit card processing fees.

Rush fee

  • We charge a 20% fee in order to help facilitate urgent rotation requests. This allows our VIP Matching Specialists to provide dedicated support.

Payment schedule

We make payments easy with three options, and we accept all major credit cards.

Pay In Full

Pay your balance in full to download your signed preceptor paperwork.

Half Now, Half Later

Pay 50% of your balance to download your signed preceptor paperwork and pay the remaining 50% at a later date you choose. This plan includes an additional 10% financing fee.

Pay 33% In Stages

Pay 33% of your balance to download your signed preceptor paperwork. Then pay the other two installments on dates you choose. This plan includes an additional 15% financing fee.

Additional questions

Why do certain specialties have higher prices?

  • Some preceptors charge a higher fee because their rotation specialty and area of practice are unique, hard-to-find, and in high-demand. Plus, our team invests extra effort and diligence into finding these highly skilled and specialized preceptors nationwide.

Will I be auto-charged if I don’t pay my balance right away?

  • No. When your university paperwork is completed by your preceptor, you will receive an email stating that your NPHub paperwork is ready for you to pay and download. At this point, you can select the Payment Plan options that are available to you based on your time frame. Payment will only be auto-charged if you neglect to choose a payment option within 14 days.
Note: If you don’t select a payment plan within 14 calendar days of your paperwork’s completion, your remaining balance payment will be charged in full to your account’s default payment method.
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