August 15, 2023
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Exploring Side Business Ideas for Nurse Practitioners

In recent years, the healthcare landscape has witnessed a surge in business ideas among Nurse Practitioners (NPs).

Traditionally seen in patient-care roles, these individuals want their businesses beyond clinics and hospitals. They are charting new territories, and the horizon is rife with opportunity.

At NPHub, we recognize this burning desire to venture into unexplored domains. As the year beckons with promise, we present a curated guide of ten business ideas for Nurse Practitioners, complete with insights to ensure your success.

Pillars for NP Business Success

Before diving into the top 10 business ideas for Nurse Practitioners, understanding the core principles behind a successful business venture is paramount.

These foundational pillars will steer your entrepreneurial journey:

Pillars for NP business ideas success

Top 10 Side Business Opportunities for Nurse Practitioners

1. Telehealth Dynamics

  • About: Telehealth platforms connect patients with healthcare professionals without physical boundaries. They provide diagnoses, care plans, and follow-up consultations, all via virtual channels. Especially beneficial in remote areas, telehealth services ensure healthcare accessibility irrespective of location.
  • Skills Required: Advanced clinical knowledge, technological proficiency, and communication expertise.
  • Potential Income: $150-$250 per hour.
  • Future Outlook: Overgrowing, especially in remote areas and post-pandemic scenarios.

2. Holistic Mental Wellness Centers

  • About: These specialized centers aim to offer comprehensive care, addressing both the physiological and psychological needs of patients with disorders like ADHD or substance abuse. This approach ensures a more holistic healing and recovery process.
  • Skills Required: Psychiatric nursing credentials, business acumen.
  • Potential Income: Averages at $136,580 annually; can exceed with business growth.
  • Future Outlook: High demand due to rising mental health challenges.

3. Aesthetic Enhancement Clinics

  • About: Beyond essential beauty treatments, these clinics offer scientifically-backed procedures like Botox or fillers. When executed correctly, such therapies enhance physical features and boost the recipient’s confidence and mental well-being.
  • Skills Required: Aesthetics training, patient interaction, and an eye for detail.
  • Potential Income: $80-$600 per procedure.
  • Future Outlook: Growing with aesthetic treatments becoming mainstream.

4. Medical Weight Management Clinics

  • About: These clinics provide evidence-based, medically supervised weight loss programs. By combining nutrition, exercise, and sometimes medication, patients receive a well-rounded approach to healthy weight loss, ensuring long-term success.
  • Skills Required: Nutrition expertise, medication management, and patient counseling.
  • Potential Income: Average $500-$1,000 per patient for a 6-month program.
  • Future Outlook: On the rise with increasing global obesity rates.

5. Medicare Home Assessment Service

  • About: Essential for older adults, this service ensures they receive appropriate medical evaluations within the comfort of their homes. It provides timely medical intervention and adds a layer of convenience to healthcare.
  • Skills Required: Comprehensive assessment capabilities.
  • Potential Income: $250-$300 per assessment.
  • Future Outlook: Expected growth with aging demographics.

6. Healthcare Consultancy

  • About: Building upon their expertise, nurse practitioners can offer specialized advice to medical institutions. This consultancy can span areas like patient care, administrative efficiency, or even new medical technologies.
  • Skills Required: Deep medical knowledge, communication, and marketing acumen.
  • Potential Income: Between $91K and $131K annually.
  • Future Outlook: Steady, with continuous medical advancements.

7. Continuing Education Trainer

  • About: Lifelong learning is crucial in healthcare. NPs can develop and offer courses that address the latest in medical science, ensuring healthcare professionals stay updated and efficient in their practices.
  • Skills Required: Domain expertise, teaching flair, marketing.
  • Potential Income: Widely varies – from $10 to thousands depending on the course.
  • Future Outlook: Evergreen, with the medical field’s need for continuous learning.

8. Home Healthcare Service Provider

  • About: Catering to patients who prefer or require treatments at home, NPs can provide services ranging from post-surgical care to managing chronic conditions. It’s about merging clinical expertise with a personalized touch.
  • Skills Required: Clinical expertise, interpersonal skills, patience.
  • Potential Income: $85-$125 per visit.
  • Future Outlook: Growing, with a rising preference for in-home care.

9. Podiatry and Ulcer Care Specialist

  • About: Specializing in foot care and ulcer treatment, NPs can address the unique needs of patients, ensuring timely interventions and reducing complications. Such specializations are relevant for patients with diabetes or circulatory issues.
  • Skills Required: Expert assessment, specialized training.

  • Potential Income: On average $103,912, potential to earn more.
  • Future Outlook: Consistent, especially with aging demographics.

10. Health-centric Content Creation

  • About: Leveraging their domain expertise, NPs can create insightful content for platforms ranging from health blogs to journals. This helps spread awareness and establishes the NP as a thought leader.
  • Skills Required: Writing prowess, domain expertise, digital marketing basics.
  • Potential Income: $25-$500+ per piece; ad revenue if running a blog.
  • Future Outlook: Growing, with health awareness and digital proliferation.

11. Extra: Becoming a Preceptor

  • About: As mentors, preceptors bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, guiding NP students and fresh graduates during their hands-on clinical experiences.
  • Skills Required: Extensive clinical experience, mentorship capabilities, patience, and communication skills.
  • Potential Income: As of Aug 2023, a Clinical Preceptor in the US earns an average annual income of $78,635.
  • Future Outlook: The demand for NP preceptors is anticipated to grow due to the rising shortage of primary care providers and more states granting full-practice authority to NPs. Yet, there needs to be more NP preceptors in some regions.
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Navigating the business world as a Nurse Practitioner may seem daunting, especially when transitioning from a patient-centric role. However, with the right idea and approach, NPs can effectively combine their medical expertise with entrepreneurial ambitions.

These ten ideas are just a starting point; the healthcare landscape is vast, and the possibilities are endless.

Here’s to a transformative year, with NPHub supporting your ventures every step of the way!

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