September 13, 2019
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How to Use Social Media to Find Preceptors

If you’ve tried cold calling and networking in person but still haven’t found your preceptor, social media may be the powerful solution that could’ve saved you lots of time. Want to know how?

Social media, believe it or not, is there for way more than catching up on your friends or staying up-to-date with memes!

Don’t misunderstand us, we know you probably already tried looking for a preceptor on social media. The thing is, maybe you weren’t doing it correctly.

The best platforms to find a preceptor and overall industry connections are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. However, don’t underestimate Instagram, as it has become a great place for the NP community to interact and probably even for some preceptors to showcase their work and availability.

Here are some tips to help you have good social media profiles for your preceptor search:

Keep your pages looking beautiful and/or professional

This is important because if your social media profile looks shabby, people will probably think you don’t exist or are using a fake profile.

Regularly make posts, acknowledge comments and be seen

If you do not post regularly, social media algorithms won’t like you as much, and your posts will not be as visible for everyone else. This, of course, will make it harder for you to make connections and land a preceptor.

The more people you interact with, the more likely you can find what you are looking for

Invest as much time as you can in following a lot of people, talking to them, commenting on their posts, etc. This way you’ll create a very cool and useful network that probably will get you results faster than you imagine.

Be specific in your posts

Avoid misunderstandings or delays on your preceptor search by telling your audience exactly what you need and also being authentic so you can then be trustworthy for them.

Make sure your posts have the following:

-Number of hours needed

-Type of rotation needed

-Location you can travel to


-School you attend

If you do all that, you’ll probably have a lot more chances of finding your preceptor!

Maybe this strategy sounds awesome and you’re ready to start looking, but you have no idea of what to say. Well, if that’s your case, we also wanted to give you some free social media message templates so you’re able to follow the right steps and talk the right, effective way!

These templates usually get 40% higher response rate than cold calls:

LinkedIn Message

Twitter Direct Message (DM)

Facebook Message

Sending two continuous messages is easier to digest for most people.

How to respond if this happens…

If a preceptor responds to you and asks why you reached out on social media like Facebook or LinkedIn, respond with one of these:

“That’s how hard it is to find a rotation. I really need help right now.”

“That’s how desperate I am. I really need help right now.”

“I’ve sent over [insert number] emails without any responses. I’ve even dropped in clinics near me and waited for over an hour to speak with someone. I would really appreciate any help or even just some advice.”

Being able to connect with preceptors via social media or email doesn’t have to feel salesy, scammy or spammy. By following the scripts and making them your own, you will be able to expand your network and land that preceptor/clinical site quickly.

For more tips on how to find a preceptor on your own, download our Ultimate Guide for free by using the code findyourpreceptor here:

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