July 2, 2020
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Why NPHub Offers The Best NP Preceptor Matching Service

When it comes to finding preceptors, we believe that we do it best. We believe that we offer the ideal NP preceptor matching service, always focused on the students, always focused on getting them to the right clinical site.

However, we understand that these are just words on a screen. The fact that we’re repeating them doesn’t make them true for everyone. There has to be something else, right?

Students need hard proof that we can help them achieve their goals. As an NP student, worried about COVID-19 and your future, you might be a little skeptical about our agency. You need to know exactly why we are the best choice to help you find a preceptor, especially one that’s near you.

Today we want to provide you with that proof. So let’s start with the basics.

The harsh reality of clinical rotations for NP students

Why is it so hard to find a preceptor for my clinical rotations?” “Isn’t it the duty of practicing nurse practitioners to precept me for free?” – If you have these questions, there’s a chance you might have exhausted all of your options.

However, the reality of the situation is that we have a shortage of preceptors in the United States: most of them are either too busy to teach or do not want to deal with all the hassle and paperwork.

Plus, most universities don’t help students find preceptors. This is the reason why there are some NP preceptor matching services around today.

Since this is the reality, you might be turning to them, and us, to find a solution.

Where does NPHub come in? What solution do you guys offer?

NP students often complain that they shouldn’t have to pay for their rotations, nor should they be required to find preceptors on their own. We understand this, and we want to do everything in our power to help them.

At the end of the day, our main goal is to get universities to open up and work with us (and all the other preceptor matching agencies) to find rotations for students.

The main idea is to prevent them from paying extra money for a clinical site when they already pay a lot of money to their universities.

However, in the meantime, we continue to do our best to provide the best NP preceptor matching service for every student, as well as sharing all of our free resources with those who can’t or don’t want to find a preceptor through us.

We create a lot of useful daily content for students on our Facebook and Instagram, and we also keep them updated on preceptor availability through those platforms.

Feel free to check it all out and take a look at the rest of our blog posts too.

Thank you for that. But why should I choose NPHub?

Again, paying to get your rotations might not seem like the best move, and you are not alone in this regard. Nonetheless, all we’re trying to do is get you out of the ‘I-will-have-to-sit-out-a-semester’ predicament.

We don’t want you to waste your precious time. We don’t want you to sit out a semester because, as many people would say, “that’s just how things work for nurse practitioners.”

NPHub is committed to managing the placement and paperwork involved in the process. Not just saying “hey, here’s some guy that will take you, call them!” We aim to be the best NP preceptor matching service out there.

Most NP students who have struggled with clinical rotations can agree that, when taking into account the amount of stress that comes with looking for a preceptor, the service is worth it.

That’s great, but let’s get real: How much do I have to pay you to get a preceptor?

Great question! Let’s discuss the most talked-about topic: pricing. “How much do our services cost?”

Our pricing is $12.50 per clinical hour, also requiring a placement fee that goes into the overall balance to get started.

For comparison, $12.50 per clinical hour is only a starting price for other NP preceptor matching services. Their prices can vary depending on location, clinical setting, and urgency of placement.

If you choose to work with NPHub, you should know that the rate of $12.50 per number of clinical hours needed will always remain the same regardless of the preceptor.

This pricing only excludes students who are looking for last-minute placements. That’s the only situation in which it will vary.

Since the prices for other preceptor matching agencies fluctuate depending on several factors, NPHub takes the win when it comes to pricing.

We are the only ones that keep standard pricing for every student, even those located in areas where it is difficult to find preceptors.

Need to learn more about our pricing? Go to https://nphub.com/pricing.

Awesome. Now, how will you help me find a preceptor?  

One major, clear-cut advantage that makes NPHub the ideal NP preceptor matching service is our interactive website —soon to be a mobile app as well.

We came up with a brilliant way to match you with a potential preceptor instantly on our platform. Our website has features that allow you to browse through our wide network of available preceptors. You can also stay updated on the entire process through your online profile.

NP students can filter their search by location, specialty, and what NPHub calls a “rotation code,” which is similar to a username and serves as a direct link to a preceptor’s online profile.

Available preceptors can share lots of information regarding their clinical rotation. This information includes details such as rotation hours, average patients per day, and more important highlights that students need to know.

How does this make you different from other agencies?  

When it comes to their online platforms, other NP preceptor matching services are not as tech-savvy. Students have to complete a form on their website and then expect to be contacted by a representative.

Unlike NPHub, you are not able to search for possible clinical rotations in your area, and preceptors do not have the option to interact with you directly on the web.

NPHub makes it easy for preceptors to take on new students. We also make it easy for students to find preceptors on their own. To see what is available in their area.

We take it one step further by giving students the option to book a rotation online, at any time of the day.

Alright, I’m on the website. How can I book a preceptor?

NPHub understands that time is of the essence when it comes to clinical rotations. We are the only NP preceptor matching service that allows students to find a preceptor and book a rotation on the spot!

On our website, students can request rotations with available preceptors by simply providing their school’s paperwork deadlines, rotation dates, and hours needed.

Once the initial deposit is submitted, the preceptor will automatically receive an email where they can accept a rotation and complete the required paperwork. Students will then submit this documentation to their school for approval.

Other agencies also manage the paperwork process between the student and potential preceptors. However, NPHub makes it even easier by sending your school’s paperwork to the preceptor as soon as you book your clinical rotation online.

You’ll find that other agencies don’t provide you with the option to book your rotation instantly. That reason alone makes NPHub a more desirable NP preceptor matching service, especially when trying to expedite the process of looking for a clinical rotation.

How long will I have to wait for my rotation to be secured after I choose my preceptor?

We know that trying to secure a preceptor can sometimes take months. Knowing that you have a booked preceptor for your upcoming rotation can ease a lot of anxiety.

At NPHub, students can expect to be placed with a preceptor for their clinical rotations within two weeks: it generally takes about 5 to 7 business days for the preceptor to accept your rotation, and another 5 to 7 business days for them to sign the required paperwork.

Other preceptor matching services usually can’t give you a reasonable timeframe like this one. You don’t know when they will be able to match you with a potential preceptor.

While these companies do help students looking for last-minute placements, NPHub always does its best so that students don’t have to wait months to secure a rotation, and works hard to get a 2-week paperwork turnaround process.

What if I want to get a refund? What’s your policy?

Having a preceptor back out from your clinical rotations at the last minute is not uncommon for many students. When choosing between NPHub and other agencies, we encourage you to pay attention to refund and cancellation policies.

As the best NP preceptor matching service out there, we offer every student the option to find a replacement preceptor.

If that doesn’t work, a full refund is on the table (if the preceptor backs out at the last minute).

Students can also receive a refund if their school does not approve of the preceptor (for any reason). With NPHub, in most cases, students are always able to receive a refund of at least 50% of their overall balance.

Other companies also offer to find a replacement if a preceptor has to cancel a rotation. However, when it comes to refunds, they might give students the option to receive a prorated refund, and refunds vary from case to case after review. This is not ideal.

To learn all about our refund policy, check out this blog post: NPHub’s Refund Policy: FAQs About Cancelling Your Rotation

Ok, fine. But i’m still undecided. Can you summarize so I can see every benefit?

While nurse practitioner students can turn to various agencies for assistance, our NP preceptor matching service has proven to be the best choice for the job. Students can browse preceptors all across the country, book clinical rotations online, and directly interact with them without the problems that come with the typical paperwork process.

These preceptors are ready to take students in a wide variety of NP specialties, ensuring that no one gets left behind.

Other companies might appear on your Google search when looking for potential preceptors, but when compared to NPHub, they just don’t make the cut.

When you start learning more about clinical rotations you’ll see that NPHub offers a more streamlined process, filled with various opportunities, and completely hassle-free.


If you’re still having questions about working with us, don’t hesitate to contact us via Facebook or Instagram. You can also email us at coordinator@nphub.com

If you want to check for preceptor availability on our website, go to: https://nphub.com/student/browse-rotation

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