February 23, 2024
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The Key to Securing Your Clinicals

As an RN, you decide to return to school and pursue an NP program to advance your nursing career. However, as you take on coursework while balancing other responsibilities, you must also find clinical placements.

A challenging task that NPs have to deal with if they want to graduate. This is so challenging because of the lack of professional connections and networking experience, so it becomes frustrating as you try to connect with preceptors only to find dead-ends.

Just think about it – schools are asking NP students to master a BRAND NEW skill not in the NP job description – cold calls and outreach. As an NP, you should focus on saving lives.

However, what if you had someone who advocated on your behalf and connected you with available preceptors?

An advocate who has all the connections and knows how to reach out to preceptors effectively.

This blog will explore the importance of having the right connections and how this can become KEY when securing your clinical placements and landing preceptors.

Why Is It So Hard to Find Clinical Placements?

The main reason behind this struggle is the preceptor shortage that the NP space is facing. It’s no secret that we see more RNs signing up in NP programs every year, so the number of students needing clinical placement increases year after year. The problem is that the preceptor growth rate can’t keep up with NP students’ growth rate.

The results? NPs start to fight and compete with each other, trying to stand out to those fewer preceptors. Yet even if positions were abundant, students don’t know how to reach out to preceptors effectively. They’re learning how to save lives, not cold calls.

Cold calls and emails to strangers rarely work. Even reaching out to your co-workers in the clinic where you work as an RN is a dead-end.

It all sums up that it’s almost impossible to find a preceptor on your own if you don’t have the right connections, a nurtured network, and don’t know how to connect with healthcare professionals effectively.


Who Said The Connections Had to Be Yours?

We understand how discouraging it can be to struggle to find your clinical placements after all the effort you’ve put in. However, while you must learn how to network and nurture your connections, no rule says you can’t rely on someone else’s network to secure your clinicals.

You can always have someone who is your advocate and connects you with the right people – available preceptors.

That’s when placement agencies like NPHub come in.

We Want to Be Your Advocates

We’ve dedicated the past 6 years to building and nurturing a network of vetted preceptors nationwide. How? By having a specialized team laser-focused on rigorously evaluating each preceptor to ensure each student has an enriching experience.

That’s how we’ve helped over 10,000 NP students find preceptors and stay on track to graduate on time. Our team takes care of all the heavy lifting so you can finally focus on what you signed up for – save lives.

The connections we’ve cultivated open up abundant placement possibilities for NP students who typically struggle to secure clinicals independently. With a vast pool of thoroughly vetted preceptors covering specializations nationwide, you can find the perfect match based on your location needs, specialty interests, experience level, and availability timing.

Our goal is to save healthcare in the U.S. We know the only way is to streamline the clinical placement process for emerging NPs and help accelerate their journey to becoming licensed, practicing clinicians. No more settling for the first preceptor who responds or sacrificing fit for speed.


You decided to go back to school and advance your nursing career so you could provide better patient outcomes – not mastering networking skills. Yet securing those critical training opportunities often relies on professional connections you likely don’t have.

However, at NPHub, we’ve spent years networking, so YOU don’t have to. We’ll handle the heavy lifting of putting you in front of vetted preceptors willing to mentor the next generation of NPs like you.

Ready to avoid all the tedious work of finding preceptors on your own? Go to NPHub.com and secure your clinicals in a fraction of the time.

Or you can book a FREE consultation with our matching specialists to find the best preceptor.

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