April 28, 2017
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The Purpose Behind NPCR

Hi Everyone, Krish here!

I wanted to take a minute just to talk a little bit more about the purpose in why we started Nurse Practitioner Clinical Rotations – NPCR (now known as NPHub!).

I was checking out the last video we posted, and everything is true there. We started because of the student who gave us the idea of NPCR, but the reason we’ve gotten really headstrong into it lately has been because I realized one thing, it’s not the student’s fault.

It’s not the student’s fault that they’re not able to find rotations. It’s the universities and the lack of accountability on them that’s really starting to drive me nuts.

I actually had a school last year that actually said, “We will never be interested in building out a clinical program ever.”

That tells me that that school specifically is not ready for the change that’s coming. And the change has been coming for years, which is the growing number of nurses that are going back to school to get their Nurse Practitioner License!

This is a great thing!

There’s a shortage of primary care providers in the United States, so you want nurse practitioners to go back to school. Nurse practitioners are phenomenal.

Why wouldn’t you?

But we have to enable them to do so, and that’s why we’re here. And we have to make the system for these idealistic, amazing students easier!

The big reason for us is we want to help students in the short-term. I just got off the phone with a student in Miami who needs a placement. It was awesome.

We will continue to help students. But, it’s the universities we want to work with.

For the students who are interested in getting involved at all outside of needing us for a placement or outside of sharing us on Facebook (I really appreciate every single one of you that does it, so thank you) it’s letting your university know that what they’re doing is not acceptable!

If you feel like you can’t do that right now because you’re in school, let these programs know when you graduate.

And let them know this:

         “NP programs should be setting up their clinical rotations on their own. Nurse practitioners are the only ones that have to deal with this.”

Honest to God, I’m embarrassed that we have a company that’s doing well and growing. We shouldn’t, right?

Hopefully, we can work our way out of a job and eventually schools will know that they don’t have to put this incredible responsibility on nurse practitioner students when they’re already super busy.

Hopefully, NP students will know eventually that the schools that they’re paying tuition are there to support them and have their best interest at heart.

All right you NPs, take it easy!

Please get in touch with us if you need support. Also, check out the Ultimate Guide To Finding Clinical Rotations On Your Own


Krish Chopra

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