April 10, 2017
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Why We Reduced Our Pricing (Deep Dive)

Everyone, it’s Krish with NP Clinical Rotations.

It is Monday, April 10th. Abhi and I were just busting out content right now! We’re putting together videos and uploading that so that you all have additional resources to find your own clinical rotations.

Now I wanted just to take a minute and talk about why we reduced our pricing.

A lot of students have kind of asked us and I know on our website is still says $15 for a clinical hour. The reason is because neither of us are very good with web design, so we need to bring someone in to edit that for us.

But there are serious reasons we changed our pricing from $15 a clinical hour to about $12.50 a clinical hour.

Being Exclusionary

We started speaking to a lot of students that have recently enrolled on nphub.com in the last two to three months.

We started to feel that the pricing was at a point where it was exclusionary. Meaning that some students were able to afford it, and didn’t have an issue with it, but other students were like, “Whoa, that’s way too much for the rotations.”

Abhi and I started thinking to ourselves, and we kept going back to the reason of why we started NPHub, and that was “these nurse practitioners need clinical rotations, and don’t have other options!”

We Want to Partner with Universities

The purpose of our company is to work with universities. Ultimately we feel that it’s the universities responsibility to start giving their students rotations.

This is not an impossible task! And, it’s not that hard to build out if you provide the proper resources. We’ve been able to build out cities in less than four weeks, meaning that a university, if they wanted to, can do that also.

In order to do that, right now we need to build more awareness on this massive issue and help the students that need clinical placements and preceptors right now.

But, for all of you university faculty reading this right now, we’re here to partner with you and build you clinical programs that are sustainable. That’s what we’re able to do here and to be honest, that’s what nurse practitioners deserve. That’s what your students deserve.

NP students are the only medical professionals that have to find you’re their rotations and preceptors.

MD students don’t.  

DO students don’t.

PA students don’t.

Even RNs don’t.

The question I have is, “Why do NPs have to? Why is this process that’s antiquated still in place right now?”

With that being said, we decided to lower our pricing to make sure more students were able to get the help they deserve. No NP student should have to sit out a semester or have to be so stressed out that they’re calling us crying, saying that they’ll do anything for a rotation.

More than that, no NP student should have to call us and say, “I’ll take whatever you have.” It just doesn’t make sense to us. It’s not fair. You should not be trying to graduate by the skin of your teeth.

You all are already the future of healthcare professionals that people want to see. Nurse practitioners are phenomenal.

FYI: In clinical rotation NPs grade out a lot higher that MD students or PA students, we’ve actually tested this across about 48 different rotations, which I think is really funny.

But other than that, we’re super excited to be helping you!

If you need any help, you can always reach out to me directly, krish@nphub.com.

You can enroll on our website which we just got redone, and we’re trying to make it swankier and easier to use.

Our new pricing is here to stay! There are no additional fees or anything like that.

True Story: One of our students actually used a service that charged her an actual $500 late placement fee. I couldn’t believe that. By the way, that’s bogus because late placements can be slightly annoying but nothing in that process would cost extra.

Anyone that’s worked with us knows that it’s a simple process. You take the hours you need, you multiply by 12.50 and there’s your price and that’s it.

No jokes, no admin fees, or whatever clinic fees. I’ve heard some crazy things, I actually knew of an organization that at one point started doing community fees or membership fees and I was like, “Wait, what are they a member of? They need a service and that’s it.”

We’re so happy that you all are responding well to our initiatives, and using that energy to make a bigger push to help nurse practitioners find preceptors in the city of their choice!

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