May 2, 2018
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Krish & Abhi were Live on the Radio!

Krish was live on the radio last week on “The Abhi Golhar Show” hosted by our also team member Abhi. They discussed some topics such as entrepreneurship, leadership and NP-HUB.

Both for Krish and Abhi failures and mistakes are very important in the professional life of an entrepreneur, since they are a source of experience. On the other hand, Krish mentioned that from his point of view the success of undertaking a business is not based on university degrees but on clear ideas and concepts as well as always keeping in mind perseverance and discipline which implies understanding the meaning of saving money.

In addition, they talked about the transitions that the company has experienced as it went from B2B (Business to Business) to B2C (Business to Customer), which was one of the steps to achieve development and growth. NPCR is characterized for being a company that always seeks to provide the best service, and NP-HUB is a clear example of this as it seeks to provide students with the greatest amount of resources to cover their needs and demands.

“You don’t have to be perfect. You just need to keep doing.”

Abhi Golhar

To watch the full radio participation click here

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